Monkey and Oliver, or Introductions

This is Monkey (known to a few as Frida):

Monkey Monkerbee

And this is Oliver:

Ollie AllTheFur

They are my crafting buddies and will be making regular appearances here, along with my two dogs, Ernie and Archie.  Ernie and Archie don’t care much for crafting, so they don’t get a blog named after them.

So, welcome to my little crafting corner. I knit, needle felt, stitch, and, most recently, make cards. I was a keen artist in high school, but traded my pencils and paint brushes for degrees in biology and library science, and now I spend my days hunting for obscure information and telling people what it means (read: I write a lot of reports…alot a lot). I don’t get the chance to be all that creative in my day job, so crafting is a very important outlet for me. Knitting is still my first love, but I’m a slow knitter, which makes for very infrequent blogging. My new obsession with card making can at least fill in the gaps. And when all else fails, there’s always Monkey and Ollie.

Thanks for visiting.

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