Ach du lieber! Raccoons!

(Yes, I have a Simpsons fan in the house)


I love this raccoon stamp set. These guys remind me of a time when I was house-sitting for a colleague many many moons ago. I walked into the kitchen one evening and saw a gaze of raccoons (that seems like an appropriate collective noun, don’t you think?) looking at me through the sliding glass door. Pretty much exactly like the raccoons in this stamp, except maybe not as happy.  They were waiting for their “dinner” and thought the service in this joint just took a serious turn for the worse. My colleague regularly put food out for them, but I didn’t know that she just tossed it out onto the deck. I put it in a dog bowl for them and they just looked at me like, what are we supposed to do with this?


The stamps are from Art Impressions. I picked them up during a recent trip to Nashville, Indiana. I stamped them using hybrid dye ink from My Favorite Things in black licorice and colored them in with Copics in the warm gray and neutral gray families (they’re in the other room and I’m too lazy to get up and fetch them).  I had a frame from a die-cut for another card (I’m all about getting as much use out of my supplies as I can) and the little raccoon paws kinda sorta peek over that frame, although, let me tell you, that was tricky to position as there is no reference image on the back of the stamp to help align things.  I added washi tape along the side on the front and on the inside to take up some white space.

I have a feeling these little guys will be making regular appearances in my card making adventures.

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