This month marks the one year anniversary of adopting Archie aka Archaroo aka The Archduke of Pain.


This sweet five year-old boy was rescued from an unfortunate breeding situation, along with several other dogs and puppies. He and his sister were the only ones not adopted from the shelter, and so an adoption group stepped in and brought them to central Indiana. I don’t know how anyone could resist adopting this boy, but I’m selfishly glad they did. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met. Sure, he’s got some issues, but he has so much love for everybody. The poor boy came to us with a case of “happy tail” – he actually injured his tail from wagging it too much. He’s just so happy.

This dog.

Archie loves cheese, wrestling with his brother, naps with his humans, his kitty friend Oliver, and pizza. And also the vet’s office (he loves the ladies and flirts shamelessly). He loves to make nests in the pillows in the corner of our sofa.

Comfy. #dogsofinstagram

He finds babies fascinating, looks behind the computer for the crying kitties in youtube videos, and is very concerned by the opening of the Decemberists’ song The Infanta.

Happy (belated) Adoption Day, Archie. We love you. I can’t remember what our little family was like before you found us.

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  1. rebeccarich says:

    This is the greatest. I love Archie so much! He is such a perfect addition to the Hilberhousehold!


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