A golden anniversary

The backlog of cards to blog is ever growing (not including those that haven’t even been photographed yet). But I’m kind of excited about the card I’m going to share today.

My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last week and we went up to Ontario to celebrate with them. It was quite the party! Lots of extended family that I haven’t seen for a few years.

50th(I wish I could claim credit for this sign – isn’t it so pretty?)

I made this card to celebrate them and the kind of love that carries a couple through 50 years.
love / 50th anniversary

Rather than give you the full play by play here, you can see how I put this card together over on flipagram: anniversary card how-to

Basically, I stamped the image using a wooden block stamp that is really meant for printing with paint on fabric. Then add some heat embossing, paper cutting, ink blending, and more heat embossing and you have the final product!

love / 50th anniversary