Have you hugged a sheep lately?

I had another post all lined up and (almost) ready to go and then my laptop died. After a week of trying to figure out if this was something my dad and I could fix on our own, I took it to the Apple Store and behold! I had Apple Care and off it went for repairs. I can’t believe I forgot I had that. But in the meantime, I lost everything. All my photos, all my documents, everything. Because while I was smart enough to get my laptop covered, I was not smart enough to back anything up. So it goes.

The cards are piling up, but I’m going to share something completely not crafty today. Well, crafty adjacent, maybe. The raw materials for crafty. Yesterday, my parents, my friend Denise, and I went on a road trip to Equinox Farm in Kentucky for National Hug a Sheep Day. Yes, that’s a thing. And yes, I hugged a sheep. We also visited with some sweet dogs, gave cookies to the sheep, and enjoyed a nice fall day on the farm.






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