Lawn Fawn: Bicycle Built For You

Hello friends! Today I have a card that I made for a couple of friends who recently got married.  I actually don’t have many (or any) wedding stamp sets, so I wasn’t sure what I’d use, but when I was flipping through my stamp binders, I noticed that the Bicycle Built for You set from Lawn Fawn has a few wedding items (a veil, a top hat, tin cans) and sentiments perfect for making a whimsical scene.

bicycle built for two

Techniques used for this card:

  • Scene building (i.e., sketching in additional elements to complete the image)
  • Masking
  • No-line stamping
  • Copic coloring

If I had to describe my card making style as of late, I’d have to say that I’m all about building whimsical scenes. This does not make for quick and easy cards, and it also makes parting with them quite difficult. But they are SO much fun. So let’s get started!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time here or on Instagram, you know that I love me some one-layer, no-line coloring. So first, I laid out my stamps to determine which images would be in the forefront, and therefore needed to be stamped first. In this case, the bride and groom would be in front of the other elements, and the bride would be partially in front of the groom. Now, with no-line coloring, you do have some flexibility here – the ink will disappear during coloring, so you can overlap the images a little without worrying about what is in front. I totally stamped the bride first and then realized she needed her veil, so I stamped that into her hair before I started coloring. But you can’t even tell!

So after I stamped the bride onto my cardstock, I also stamped her onto some adhesive masking paper (see supplies) so that I could stamp the groom next to her. I didn’t want to fight with ink lines on her face due to using light colors, so taking the extra step to mask here is important. I stamped the groom, but did not make a mask for him because I knew I’d be using dark colors for his clothes and I was less concerned about ink lines from the bicycle.  Then the fun part: coloring!

I took a couple of #cardinprogress shots along the way (please excuse my hot mess of a craft table – I tend to create in chaos. Or create chaos).

Now normally, I stamp everything first and then color, but in this case, I stamped a little, colored a little, stamped some more, colored some more, until the image was done. I won’t go into my coloring process for the stamped images, except to say that I tend to use a darker color to create an outline – I flick the color in from the edge and then start blending with my lighter colors. This is just what works for me most of the time.


enjoy the ride


For the scene-building, first I sketched in a sidewalk with a pencil (and a very light hand! pencil doesn’t always erase after you color over it) and then colored it in. Then I colored in the sky (it’s easier to add grass after the sky is done), sketching in some fluffy clouds. I used three different shades of blue-green, with the darkest at the top. Then I added grass. Lots and lots of grass. Many shades of green. I’m not even sure I included them all in my supply list. You can use whatever you have on hand – use a mix of yellowish greens and bluer greens to create a nice grassy texture. I achieve the detail by flicking with the brush nib rather than coloring with the wedge nib or even the brush nib. It’s a bit tedious, but worth it. I even added a little grass between the sidewalk cracks!

After putting down all my Copic layers, I went in with some colored pencil (Polychromos this time) to add detail to the hair, the faces, the flowers, etc, and a white gel pen to add highlights.

I trimmed the panel to 4×5.25″ and then diecut the scripty “congratulations” (Avery Elle) from scrap white cardstock and adhered it towards the top of the panel. It wasn’t intentional, but it does kinda look cloud-like. I adhered the whole thing to my top-folding card base using some craft foam.

I hope you like the card and are inspired to try some of these techniques on your next card! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Denise Breimeir says:

    I’m blown away by your talent! This card is a work of art and needs to be framed. You can tell it’s a true labor of love. Thanks for explaining your process, although I could never do it. If I tried to freehand draw a sidewalk, it would look like a stick ladder.


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