About Monkey and Oliver

Monkey (Frida) is the tortie-tabby and Oliver is the black & white cap & saddle. We adopted Monkey in 2004 and Ollie in 2010. Monkey came by her nickname quite honestly – she is into everything. Even at 13 years old, she is constantly rummaging through drawers, stealing food from the kitchen counter, and is always talking. Ollie is a velcro cat who is in constant need of hugs.  Not that I’m complaining. He is also always into everything and is constantly making me laugh with his antics. Monkey loves Oliver so much, she has to put him in a headlock and kick the snot out of him on a regular basis. They are my constant companions and crafting buddies (if you call walking through my paints, sitting on my papers, and otherwise getting in my way being “buddies”).